Welcome to Enjoy Northumberland

Welcome to Enjoy Northumberland, a wonderful county packed with gorgeous towns and villages. Northumberland is known as the most northern county in England, extending over a large area of beautiful landscapes, greenery, countryside’s, hills and nature. Northumberland is ideal for indulging in long walks and exploring wildlife. In addition, the county is packed with delicious restaurants, decadent pubs, inspiring family ran businesses, gorgeous cafes and much more. 

At Northumberland you can find great historic landscapes and architecture including: Alnwick Castle, Hadrian’s Wall world heritage site and Holy island as well as gorgeous sandy beaches along the Northumberland Coast. There are huge possibilities to discover, great historic pasts to explore and a whole load of fun to experience.

We’re going to be taking you on a journey to discover the gorgeous county of Northumberland, helping you to get the most out of your trip away or day out. We’ll be sharing our experiences and knowledge, in order to pinpoint things to do and see in and around Northumberland. We’ll be including a range of highly requested topics such as: the best hotels, top rated restaurants, Northumberland attractions, scenic walking routes and many more.

Our aim at Enjoy Northumberland is to make it easier for you to enjoy a day out with no hassle about where to go and what to do. We will have all the No #1 places to visit and things to do right here. In addition, we’ll keeping you up to date on our socials whenever we post new and exciting Northumberland content.

 I hope you’re ready to Enjoy Northumberland!

Top 5 things to do in Northumberland

  1. Hadrian’s Wall
  2. The Alnwick Garden
  3. Northumberland Coast
  4. Sycamore Gap walk
  5. Holy Island

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