Northumberland Attractions

In this guide we have covered our top ten favourite Northumberland Attractions to share with you. From historic landmarks like Hadrian’s Wall and the famous Robin Hood tree! No matter how long you plan to stay in Northumberland, we are sure you will discover some new ideas on what to do and where to visit in this guide. 

Hadrian’s Wall


First up on our list of Northumberland Attractions is Hadrian’s Wall, a famous landmark in the UK. The wall is iconic, built in the roman times to protect the North Roman Empire. You can take a scenic stroll alongside the wall, exploring the remains of the roman wall, forts, towns and towers. In addition, there is a museum where you can discover Roman artefacts and learn all about the Roman history of Britain. A fantastic day out in Northumberland.

Holy Island


Next on our list of Northumberland attractions is Holy Island, a well-known attraction located on the stunning Northumberland Coastline. You can visit Holy Island only when the coast is far from the causeway, meaning this mysterious island is only available to visit when it’s safe to do so. You can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at the cafes, explore the ancient priory as well as the castle and take in the beautiful Northumberland coastline. A great day full of adventure.

Sycamore Gap Walk


Sycamore Gap is fantastic if you enjoy a walk or perhaps a more challenging hike. It’s renowned for the Sycamore Gap tree which is famous for starring in the Robin Hood film. The walk starts from the Roman visitor centre, where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat before or after the walk. You can choose from two footpaths, one which is more of a challenge and one which is more family friendly! In addition, you can enjoy views of Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman Military Way along the way.

The Alnwick Garden


Next on our list of Northumberland attractions is the gorgeous Alnwick Gardens, known as a multi-award winning visitor attraction in Northumberland. You can take a relaxing stroll through the stunning gardens, including roses, cherry blossoms, the ornamental garden and one of the world’s largest Tai Haku Cherry Orchards. In addition, explore the gorgeous and unique treehouse restaurant, a must visit when heading to Northumberland.

Northumberland Coast


The Northumberland Coast is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, exploring the 30 miles of sandy beaches. You can discover castles, hidden bays and delicious fish and chip shops. In addition, the Northumberland coast is a fantastic place to watch the sunset with your family or loved one and have a cosy fire whilst watching the Northumberland stars.

Bamburgh Castle


Next on our list is Bamburgh Castle, located on the Northeast Northumberland Coastline. The castle has been home to who is known as the Armstrong family since 1894, a beautiful architectural castle fortress. You can explore the remains of the castle as well as visiting the The Armstrong & Aviation museum. A great family day out in Northumberland.

Northumberland National Park


The Northumberland National Park is full of iconic scenic locations such as Hadrian’s Wall mentioned earlier, as well as exciting learning opportunities. This includes the national landscape discovery centre, navigation training and a range of gorgeous walking routes. Fantastic to enjoy the Northumberland air.

Kielder Water and Forest Parks


Next on our list of Northumberland attractions is the iconic forest of Kielder, known as the largest forest and biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe. The national Kielder forest and water park is a highly popular tourist attraction, as well as used by the locals regularly. It’s a superb place to go bike riding and take a long walk outdoors. In addition, you can explore the award-winning art and architecture and grab a bite to eat in the iconic Kielder ice cream shack.

Whitehouse Farm Centre


Whitehouse Farm is an excellent option for a fun-filled family day out. Explore a variety of animals, some which you get the chance to hold! In addition, you can have fun feeding the animals and discover unique and exotic to traditional breeds! Including indoor and outdoor play for kids fun.

Warkworth Castle


Last on our list of Northumberland attractions is Warkworth Castle, a historic architectural castle, located on the Hilltop above River Coquet. Discover the Dukes of Northumberland as well as the Percy family who once lived in the very castle. You can go inside and explore the different rooms, as well as enjoying the beautiful coastal views of the Northumberland sea.

Overview of Northumberland Attractions

We hope you enjoyed discovering some of the top Northumberland attractions for you and your family to enjoy! For now, head over to our socials to keep up to date with our Enjoy Northumberland content.